Perfect Trip

Perfect Trip

UI Design, Branding

PERFECT TRIP is a platform that’s here to help you organise your trips and guide you through the best vacations of your life.

What the idea stemmed from

In 2016, 71,3% of the french population went on vacation. Everybody likes traveling. But travelling isn’t just sunshine and happy times, it’s also a lot of planning and worrying over details. Planning a vacation is time consuming, stressful and demanding.

It’s a proper project, especially when you’re alone planning for an entire group, comparing prices for flights, accommodations. All the while having the stress of a deadline coming at you and all sorts of parameters to take into account.

These worries often follow you even after you’ve departed. We’ve all had plans ruined by unexpected weather, public transportation failure, or all sorts of contingencies, they can affect your mood and energy and throw your entire planning down the drain.


There are so many obstacles that can threaten our peaceful holidays. We need a tool to overcome these obstacles and only focus on the relaxing part of our much deserved vacations.

Research & knowing the user

I conducted a google forms survey to collect data on put numbers on these claims. (This survey has been conducted on a mostly french demographic and got over 300 responses)

79.8% of the people spend at least a few days planning for their vacation, and 19.3% can spend even weeks. A lot of the frustration associated with planning a trip is mostly generated by (in descending order):

  • The money spent
  • The fear of doing something wrong and the stress is causes
  • The time and effort it takes

And once departed, people’s main pain points are (in descending order):

  • Contingencies such as delays, weather problems or cancellations
  • Additional expenses
  • Staying on track with the planning
  • Amongst the features requested by the surveyed people, the ones deemed most useful were:
  • A handy logbook detailing schedules, that can be synced offline and adapts to unforeseen contingencies
  • Personalised suggestions on what to do in a certain location
  • Notifications on deadlines for bookings, best prices on flights or accommodations etc…

Information architecture

Here’s an idea of how the different key features are organised inside of the platform. Establishing the architecture of the information within a product immensely facilitates the design process.


After gathering feedback from paper drawn wireframes, and experimenting with visual identity, here are the first designs for some of the key features of Perfect Trip.

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